High Quality Coconut Deshelling Machine



  • Perfect finish
  • Acurate dimensions
  • High strength



Coconut is one of the world most useful and important plants.
Besides being used a food and drink, the parts of a coconut tree can be used for different usages, such as cooking oil, hair oil, massage oil and industrial oil.The husk of the coconut can be used for many things as well, including being made into brushes, charcoal, pillows and even handbags/purses.

Also known as a coconut peeler machine, the major components that make our coconut deshelling machine are the pulleys, rubber belt and bearing housing.
The frame that houses the machine together is made of very high-quality steel iron, made durable so the frame can withstand heavy and long work hours.The motor and gear shaft built in the machine are serviceable. All our machines are sold with a backed up guarantee, so rest assure that the machine will last you a long time.We compared many other coconut dehusking machines prior to building our desheller machine, to get better insights of the components and parts that make a better & more efficient machine. That brought us into designing our all brand new AEC coconut desheller, making it one of the best coconut desheller in the market.

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