coconut shell and Wood husk grinding machine 500 kg/h for 100 mesh

coconut shell and Wood husk grinding machine 500 kg/h for 100 mesh


Principle of coconut shell and wood husk powder grinding machine Adopts three kinds of crushing blades.

  1. With a fineness analyzer which can adjust the the finished powder size.
  2. Inlet feed using self-priming, easy handling and safety.
  3. Cooling the body by putting the water through, which can make sure the motor engine well protected.

 Raw material of coconut shell and wood husk powder grinding machine 

Wood husk grinder machine is specialized in lightweight materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials,such as coconut shell ,Wood sawdust, bamboo , chestnut, elm, wood grain, leather grain, camphor , cedar , shrimp, star anise pepper, chili powder, pepper, refined cotton, feather, feather stems, straw, wheat bran, rice husk, wood stick, ballast potato, cassava, herbs, fish feed.

Fineness adjustment of coconut shell and wood husk powder grinding machine 

Wood husk grinder machine has fineness analyzer,,unscrew the bolt, move up is higher fineness, down is lower fineness, just transferred the fineness you need,then you can fixed the bolt . Mesh range 20-300.

Technology parameters :


800 water cooling

Feed Size


moisture content of materials


Output Fineness(mesh)


Main Motor Speed(r/min)


Main Motor Power(KW)

45 kw

Fan Motor Power (KW)

7.5 kw

Weight (kg)


Capacity (kg/h )

500kg/h (100 mesh )

Exw price (usd)

8900 usd

Note: 1.the above price includes the main machine, blower, dumper, dust removing system, two motors

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